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700,000 Volunteers Begin Beijing Patrol After Mall Attack

BEIJING, Feb 12 (APP):Over 700,000 security volunteers started to patrol Beijing streets on Monday as the capital stepped up security following Sunday’s shopping mall knife attack.
The security volunteers, including residents wearing red hats and armbands, would strengthen patrols at traffic hubs and densely-populated areas, including business districts.
They will work with police departments to report any suspicious moves and contribute to a peaceful festival environment, according to official sources.
Beijing upgraded its security control to the highest level starting 9 pm Sunday, and about 200,000 security guards, including community Party officials and patrolling teams, took to the streets to conduct night patrols. They targeted areas such as traffic hubs and business venues at night.
The upgraded security measures were taken after a man killed one person and injured twelve others with a knife at the Beijing Joy City shopping mall in Xidan, Xicheng district on Sunday.
The suspect has been identified as a 35-year-old man, surnamed Zhu, from Xihua county, Central China’s Henan Province. Police said he has confessed that he intended to vent his personal grievances by committing the violent acts, according to a notice released by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau on its Sina Weibo account on Sunday.

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