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China lodges strong protest on Modi’s visit to disputed border zone

BEIJING, Feb.  China has lodged strong protest with India to express diametrical opposition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to a disputed zone along the China-India borders, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. Hua said in press release posted on the official website of the Foreign Ministry that the act of the Indian side is not conducive to properly resolving and controlling disputes between the two sides, nor in conformity with the general situation of growth of bilateral relations. Modi visited a disputed zone in the eastern part of China-India borders on Friday to attend activities marking the founding of the so-called “Arunachal Pradesh”, a state that Indian authorities illegally and unilaterally declared in 1987.

“The Chinese government has never recognized the so-call ‘Arunachal Pradesh’,” Hua said. She said China’s stance on the disputed area on the eastern part of the China-India border is consistent and clear. She said it’s an universally recognized fact that huge disputes exist on the eastern section of China-India borders. The so-called “Arunachal Pradesh” was established largely on the three areas of China’s Tibet — Monyul, Loyul and Lower Tsayul currently under Indian illegal occupation. These three areas, located between the illegal “Mcmahon Line” and the traditional customary boundary between China and India, have always been Chinese territory. “We demand the Indian side to pay attention to the strong concern of the Chinese side,” Hua said, adding that India should march toward the same goal with China and insist on a fair and reasonable resolution of the border issue through negotiation.

“We demand the Indian side not to take any action that may complicate the border issue before its resolution so as to maintain the sound momentum in the growth of bilateral relations,” Hua said

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