CPEC Cultural Caravan exhibition to entertain Karachitis tomorrow

Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) would organize grand exhibition of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Cultural Caravan in Karachi on Friday.
Director General PNCA Syed Jamal Shah told APP that PNCA has the honor of executing CPEC Cultural Caravan. He said that the CPEC cultural Caravan exhibition includes visual arts, photography exhibitions, film screening, dance performance, handicrafts display and cultural cuisine from China and Pakistan.
DG PNCA said that the Cultural Caravan has provided a platform where exchange of ideas, cultures and norms took place among people of opposing backgrounds, cultural norms and values. The joint artistic tour particularly helped pave way for the participants and in the long term general masses of both Pakistan and China to develop a strong bond based on cultural ideals. It has helped artists of both countries in attaining a better insight regarding the local culture, art and musical variety of Pakistan as well as China.
The Caravan had a strong impact on the cultural spectrum of both the countries. For starters, it helped to diminish the boundaries and stressed that cultural exchange has a pivotal role to play in this respect.
Similarly, it has opened ways for countless opportunities for the two countries such as, combined film initiative, economic development and most importantly dissemination of cultural, traditional and such other notions between Pakistan and China. The Cultural Caravan also helped to spread the message of friendship between the people of both countries.
After successful exhibitions in Islamabad and Lahore, the CPEC Cultural Caravan would entertain the people of Karachi.

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