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Depriving him of party presidentship violation of people’s mandate: Nawaz

Former prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Thursday said the decision to deprive him of the presidentship of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was violation of the people’s mandate and trust.
“This decision was not unpredictable for me. The judicial verdicts are against the expectations of the masses, who have trust in me and my party,” he said this while talking to media persons here outside the accountability court.
He said earlier powers of executive were taken away from him and now he was deprived of the right to lead the party. Had there been any constitutional provision he would also be deprived of his name ‘Nawaz Sharif’, he added.
Nawaz Sharif there was no law under which he was disqualified as prime minister after being declared ‘guilty’ of not taking salary from his son under `Iqama’. Now his disqualification from politics forever was being considered, he added.

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