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EC gets forensic machines to identify forge documents

ISLAMABAD, July 26 (web): The US has provided the state-of-art forensic machines to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) which will help to identify forge documents. The machines bought with cost of Rs 12.5 million and will assist the EC officials to accurately identify the fake documents, submitted by the candidates or elected members. On June 14, In view to make more transparent and fair election in 2018, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has bought 100 more bio-metric machines, which will not only fulfill the technical needs of ECP but also assist in testifying votes during the elections.

The main purpose to buy biometric machines was to make next general elections more transparent and fair as the machines are trust-able and effective,” said EC. In May 2017, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday signed contract for purchase of electronic voting and bio-metric machines. Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Baber Yaqoob Fateh Muhammad said that 100 bio-metric machines and 150 electronic voting machines would be purchased. He added that the total contract to purchase bio-metric and electronic voting machines was signed with Smartmatic company. He added that the total cost of the machines would be Rs35 million. He added that the ECP would use the machine in upcoming by-election on trial basis.

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