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ECP issues code of conduct for Senate elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued the code of conduct for the Senate elections tomorrow.

According to the code, the members of national and provincial assemblies are required to bring their secretariat cards along in order to cast votes. In addition, mobile phones will not be allowed near polling station. Also, vote is to be cast secretly.

Regarding the ballot papers, according to the code of conduct, the use of fake ballot paper will result in legal consequences. The Returning Officers, who have been given the powers of magistrates, will have the power to take immediate action if anyone is found taking ballot paper out of the station or handing the same over to an unauthorized individual. The RO can also cancel the ballot paper altogether.

In the elections, 5 candidates from Islamabad are contesting on 2 seats, 20 candidates from Punjab on 12 seats, 33 candidates from Sindh on 12 seats, 26 candidates from KPK on 11 seats, 23 candidates from Balochistan for 11 seats, and 24 candidates from FATA on 4 seats. 1600 ballot papers for Punjab, 800 for Sindh, 600 for KPK, 300 for Balochistan, 800 for Islamabad and 50 for FATA have been printed. Thirteen candidates are in the run for general seats. Similarly, eight candidates are contesting election on women and five on technocrat seats.

The Rangers and FC personnel will be deployed outside the polling stations. The polling will begin at 9am and continue till 5pm without break. The ROs will declare provisional results in the evening on the same day.


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