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More then 2100 terrorist killed in last six months


Asif Bashir Ch:

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Defence on Monday told the Standing Committee of National Assembly on Defence that during the last six months more than 2100 terrorist had been killed during on-going operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) while 199 soldiers including the three officers embraced martyrdom.

The Nation reliably learned that Secretary Defence Lt General Alam Khatak and Brigadier Hassan briefed the committee members on the achievements of operation Zarb-e-Azb, that was held at the Parliament house, during an in-camera session.

Secretary Defence told participants that forces had recovered 5898 rifles, 1.3 million bullets, 2193 sub-machine guns and 274 machine guns from the terrorists.

According to the source, Secretary Defence also disclosed that 314 rocket launchers, 4901 rockets and 4391 mortars, 3321 hand grenades and 4808 IED’s were recovered from the terrorists.

Sources disclosed that the committee were told that 12.5 million kilogram explosive material was also recovered from the different areas of NWA.

Secretary Defence told the committee that forces also destroyed the 33 IED factories, including five factories of rocket manufacturing and seven factories of ammunition manufacturing.

The committee was informed that forces also destroyed nine illegal jails of terrorists while 186 mines were also recovered from them.

The committee assured their full support and co-operation to Pakistan Army and the officials of ministry of defence. The committee said that armed forces are fully backed by all the political parties and the nation to eliminate the menace of terrorism, once and for all.


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