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Nawaz endangering system to save himself: Bilawal

Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday said deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif is endangering the system to save himself. The PPP scion added that the deposed prime minister’s approach is to take the entire system down with him. “Nawaz Sharif is putting the entire system in jeopardy to save himself.” Bilawal further said that Nawaz wants to endanger democracy and the country’s strategic position and added that people do not care why Nawaz was kicked out of office. “The people do not care why Nawaz was kicked out.” “There is an economic crisis, the country is heading towards economic meltdown, we can not afford to be distracted by the fate of one person.” Bilawal said the people need to be made the center of attention as the country is plagued by numerous issues. The PPP chairman further alleged that Nawaz, sworn in prime minister of Pakistan a record three times, is not interested in strengthening either democracy or the judiciary. “During his tenure as prime minister, Nawaz only visited the national assembly four times and the Senate twice,” said Bilawal. Continuing his criticism of the PML-N chief, the PPP chairman also alleged that Nawaz is a master of horse trading while referring to the upcoming Senate elections on March 3. “For the Senate elections, we will try our best to perform well in Senate elections,” added Bilawal. The PPP chairman also criticised the ruling party for holding numerous rallies. “They are in the government, they should not be holding rallies. Referring to judicial reforms in the country, the PPP chairman expressed his wish to introduce judicial reforms and lamented that the incumbent government has made hollow promises regarding reforms. “How could you bring about judicial reforms in just three months? All the stakeholders need to be brought onboard,” further said the PPP chief. When asked about the upcoming general elections, he said that the elections will be held on time.

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