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Nawaz For Changing 70 Years’ Policies

Former Prime Minister Muhammad
Nawaz Sharif has emphasized the need to change policies prevailing for last
several years in the country, adding that he would introduce new policies to
ensure provision of justice to masses.
He was addressing
a public gathering of PML-N at Dring Stadium Bahawalpur here on Friday evening.
He said that due to wrong policies, several setbacks were reported during last
70 years. He said that we would have to change the history by introducing new
and dynamic policies. “Several wrong policies were made during last 70 years
that damaged the system,” he said, adding that however, now, there steps should
be taken to change the old policies. “I raise my voice against old and wrong
policies,” he said.
He said that
if his party came in power once again after holding of general elections 2018,
he would provide homes to poor people. “We will launch a mega project of provision
of constructed houses.
He said that
people of Bahawalpur have right to get facility of Metro Bus. “I will ask Punjab Chief Minister,
Shahbaz Sharif to launch project of Metro Bus for Bahawalpur.
added that after general elections 2018, Metro Bus facility would be provided
to people of Bahawalpur.
He said that
he have been working for a bright future of youth. “I will continue working for
bright future and development of youth,” he said.
He stressed
the need that every segment of the society should have access to swift justice.
“People will be provided justice without any hurdle.
He said that
as prime minister of Pakistan, he steered the country out of crises. “The country
had faced several challenges and crises but as prime minister of Pakistan, I
introduced dynamic policies and strategies that steered it out of crises and
put it on track of development,” he said.
He said that
credit went to the PML-N government for resolving long-standing issue of power
load shedding. “Five years ago, the country had faced worst load shedding, adding that but now, load shedding had been ended due to dynamic policies
and projects implemented by the PML-N government.
Nawaz Sharif said
his government executed road projects to connect even rural areas with markets.
He said that he considered Bahawalpur as his second home. “Six-lane Motorway
will connect Bahawalpur yo Lahore.
He said that
masses had rejected anti-development elements. PML-N leader, Marryam
Nawaz, Federal Minister for Education, Eng. Baligh-ur-Rehman, Senator, Pervez
Rasheed, Senator Saud Majedd and other PML-N leaders were also present.

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