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Pakistan cannot prosper without eradicating corruption, says Imran

BHIMBIR, May 19 web: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman on Thursday said corruption was eroding the very basis of the country and had to be eliminated. “Corruption is eating this country like a termite with every Pakistani being a defaulter of Rs1.20 million,” Imran Khan said while addressing a political rally in Bhimber district of Azad Kashmir. Political parties are organising rallies in build up to the general elections in AJK, set to take place on June 26. “The country needs to be purged of corruption and that’s only possible with the power of votes,” he said. “An independent accountability bureau needs to be established in AJK to develop public sectors.” Imran went on to say that rulers were pocketing the money acquired through loans, adding a corrupt leader erodes the entire system.“The country has not witnessed any improvement in it’s hospitals or educational institutions or succeeded in eliminating poverty or load-shedding.”

We are told Pakistan’s money rested in Switzerland but how can we bring that back when the rulers are themselves money launderers,” PTI chairman asked. He said after winning elections, his party will give a system in Azad Kashmir where National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is independent, adding if came to power, his party will focus on devolution of power after ensuring independent accountability for all. Earlier on Wednesday while addressing a rally in Muzaffarabad, the PTI chairman presented four key points, including  including health and education sectors, to develop AJK. While promising to bring up the rights of Kashmiris at every international forum, including India, Imran vowed he will establish an accountability body to purge AJK of corruption. Mocking Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) leader Fazlur Rehman, Imran Khan said God has ridiculed the former in a way that whenever he mentions ‘diesel’, Fazlur Rehman’s name comes up. PM Nawaz needs Fazlur Rehman to save the government, he said, adding that this indicates PM is in trouble. The PTI chief said change is not possible without participation of people

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