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PM says terrorists on the run……

PM says terrorists on the run, reduction in incidents of target killings, kidnapping for ransom and street crimes in Karachi; condition of embassy schools abroad to be improved

ISLAMABAD, Mar 24 (NA): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said the government initiated Zarb-e-Azb as an option of last resort and the country has to win the war against terrorists who are decreasing by the day. “Some of them have been killed while others are on the run. There is no space for militancy and terrorism in Pakistan” he declared.   The Prime Minister said this while talking to a delegation of PML-N from Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain that called on him at the PM House here Tuesday. He said “Our armed forces have given great sacrifices and are fighting this war with great valor”. He said it is a matter of satisfaction that since the start of operation against criminals and target killers in Karachi there has been considerable reduction in incidents of street crime, kidnapping for ransom and target killing.

”I would personally go to Karachi to get update on progress on the operation” he said.  The Prime Minister said Pakistan is faced with enormous challenges including terrorism and extremism as well as energy shortage.   He said had the country been governed properly in the past we would not have been in such a state facing big challenges. We have reached this stage because of bad governance and mismanagement, he said.  On the complaints of the delegation members, the Prime Minister said the government would look into the matter of Pakistan embassy schools.   The Prime Minister said we have put Pakistan’s economy on the right path.  Politics of principles should prevail so that people retain their faith in politics and politicians, the Prime Minister said.  The participants congratulated the Prime Minister on adopting policies that are now benefitting the country, including Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Karachi operation, reducing petroleum prices and controlling inflation as well as for reviving the economy.

They also apprised the Prime Minister of matters relating to overseas Pakistanis, working of Pakistan Embassies and Consulates in Middle Eastern countries.   Matters relating to strengthening party organization in Middle Eastern countries also came under discussion.   The Prime Minister said problems being faced by overseas Pakistanis would be addressed on priority basis.  The participants included Mr. Noor Ul Hassan Tanvir; Mr. Muhammad Iftikhar Butt; Mr. Tariq Javid Cheema; Mr. Rashid Rafiq Butt; Mr. Ihsan ul Haq Bajwa; Mr. Azad Ali Tabussam; Ch. Muhammad Shafi; Mr. Shahzad Dogar; Ch. Muhammad Saddique; Mr. Abbass Bhatti; Mr. Mustafa Mogal;  Mr. Tariq Zaheen;  Ch. Abdul Wahid; Ch. Pervaz Iqbal;  Mr. Noor Hassan Bangash;  Mr. Ahmed Hussain; Mr. Saleem Butt; Malik Nadeem; Mr. Khalid Javid Cheema; Mr. Muhammad Tahir Khan;  Mr. Baseer Tahir, and Khawaja Abdul Waheed Pal. Dr. Asif Kirmai, Political Secretary to PM and Chaudhry Ehsan ul Haq Bajwa, MPA also attended the meeting

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